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We provide cyber security consultancy, products and services, to enable our customers to secure the confidentiality and integrity of their business operations and other information. We help our customers formulate an effective cyber security strategy (including organisation, metrics, process and technology deployment), identify risks to the security of their information systems to mitigate these risks to levels acceptable to our customers or provide remediation tools and services.

Texascom have expanded our cyber security services and solutions to include regulatory compliance services, risk assessments, audits, security architecture design, solution recommendation and delivery, implementation services, technical support and training.

We help to identify risks to the security of our customer’s information and systems and mitigate these risks to levels acceptable to the customer.

  • Help our customers develop processes, procedures, and policies required for the protection of confidential information
  • Define security requirements, establish baselines and measure compliance, based on applicable laws, regulations, and best practices
  • Consult with our customers to investigate security issues and integrate the right solutions suitable for them.


Our team of Cyber Security Consultants will help to provide your company’s IT security requirements by identifying areas of vulnerabilities and recommend the appropriate remediation tools to fix the issues.

Our mission is to provide highly effective cyber security services and solutions to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of our client’s information.

We offer the best-of-breed security tools for Cyber Security Auditing and Vulnerabilities Detection, Security Policy lockdown technologies from leading IT Security partners such as AirTight, Dell, Lumension, Rapid7 and SkyBox.  


Cyber Security Solutions:

  • WiFi Security/WIPs
  • Cyber Security Consultancy
  • Endpoint Management
  • Privileged ID/Password Management
  • Network Predictive Analytics
  • Web Penetration
  • Data Vulnerability Assessment
  • DBA Professional Services





Rapid 7 NeXpose is the only vulnerability management solution to analyze vulnerabilities, controls, and configurations to find the who, what, and where of IT security risk. Metasploit is a computer security tools that provides information about security vulnerabilities and aids in penetration testing and IDS signature development.


Lumension Endpoint Management Security Suite (LEMSS) solution fully protects endpoints from malware and unknown threats while enforcing the use of authorized software. With Lumension Application Control™, which is the primary component of Lumension Endpoint Protection solution, you can centrally manage, monitor, and control applications. By employing an application whitelisting approach, you can ensure that only authorized applications can run on laptops, PCs, servers, terminal services servers, and thin clients, preventing the execution of unknown or malicious code.


AirTight Wireless Security Enforcer a World class wireless intrusion prevention system that also doubles as Wi-Fi Access Point with traffic management. Locates rouges and unauthorised wireless with the ability to restrict them from local connections. Smart Forensic analyses and even locate rouge devices within the physical network. Ability also to manage very large Wi-Fi network across ther globe with Cloud connectivity. Takes up from where BYOD left off in policy enforcement including device fingerprinting and on-boarding.


SkyBox Network Intelligence Analysis & Monitor is a network security modelling tool that checks for all firewall rules and uses AI for recursive network routing checks. It does not take up any network resources because it just models what it finds in the Firewall managers and compiles and cross checks all the rules of the entire network. Impressive that it is able to analyse the Lloyds Bank network of over 200,000 devices, with 4 million routing rules in over 2,000 firewalls all in about 4 hours and it does this continuously as each rules are updated or changed.


Quest One Identity Solutions empower you to control administrative access enterprise-wide. Quest One solutions for privileged account management improve efficiency while enhancing security and compliance: administrators are granted only the rights they need - nothing more, nothing less and all activity is tracked and audited. Specically Quest One solutions include granular, policy-based delegation for super user credentials; command control; session audit and reply; keystroke logging; and secure and automated workflows for issuing privileged credentials to administrators and in application-to-application and application-to-database scenarios.



LogRhythm Security Intelligence and Analytics empowers organizations around the globe to rapidly detect, respond to and neutralize damaging cyber threats. The company’s award-winning platform unifies next-generation SIEM, log management, network and endpoint monitoring and forensics, and security analytics. In addition to protecting customers from the risks associated with cyber threats, LogRhythm provides innovative compliance automation and assurance, and enhanced IT intelligence.

Consistently recognized by third-party experts, LogRhythm was named a ‘Champion’ in Info-Tech Research Group’s 2014-15 SIEM Vendor Landscape report, awarded the SANS Institute’s “Best of 2014” award in SIEM and received the SC Magazine Reader Trust Award for “Best SIEM Solution” in April 2015. Additionally, the company earned Frost & Sullivan’s 2015 Global Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Enabling Technology Leadership Award. LogRhythm is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, with operations throughout North and South America, Europe and the Asia Pacific region

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