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Texascom is the appointed distributor for Safran Morpho detection products since May 2014. Morpho’s field-proven explosives, narcotics and chemical detection systems are used to help safeguard people and high-risks targets including air and ground transportation, government and military facilities and other critical infrastructure.




Morpho CTX 5800™

The CTX 5800™ improves screening efficiency and lowers operational costs by adopting the next generation of CT Technology. It is the industry’s smallest medium speed Explosive Detection System (EDS), with nearly twice the throughput of competing small systems. It offers operators of smaller, lower volume or space-constrained airports the ability to give their customers the superior threat detection effectiveness and operational efficiency benefits of advanced technology CT-based hold baggage screening.

The CTX 5800™ leverages on advanced imaging technologies to provide HD 3D imaging in a compact design EDS. It is the ideal, unique and competitive solution for airports and airlines to increase their ability to identify threats, reduce false alarm rates and maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of their hold baggage screening program. This is why the CTX 5800™ is trusted and deployed in many major airports and border controls internationally.


Fast Facts

Model Name: CTX 5800

Key Product Specifications:

  • Small footprint CT system with over 400 bags per hour throughput
  • Flexible deployment ranging from integrated, semi-integrated and stand-alone operations
  • 85cm bore - largest bore in it’s class
  • High resolution 3D imaging system provides high detection with low false alarm rates
  • Low power consumption and requirements

TSA Certified and meets ECAC Standard 3 requirements




Non-Radioactive Trace Detector Itemiser® 4DX

Morpho announced the launch of its next-generation desktop explosives trace detector (ETD) Itemiser® 4DX in November 2014. By leveraging long-life consumables and internal calibration, Itemiser® 4DX seeks to minimize operational costs for 
airports and air cargo facilities, law enforcement agencies and government and critical infrastructure installations.

Built on the industry-leading Itemiser® ETD platform, Itemiser® 4DX delivers advanced explosives detection and screening capabilities powered by a non-radioactive ITMS™ (Ion Trap Mobility Spectrometer) source. Optimized for ease-of-use and mobility, Itemiser® 4DX eliminates the administrative, regulatory, storage and shipping requirements associated with a radiation-emitting trace detection source.  


Fast Facts

Model Name: Itemiser® 4DX

Key Product Specifications:

  • Simultaneously detects and identifies explosives and narcotics from a single sample in approximately eight seconds
  • Non-radioactive ion source eliminates shipping restrictions and licensing requirements
  • Automated internal calibration removes the need for calibration traps required for manual calibration
  • Increased usability, improved operational and detection accuracy
  • Remote monitoring capability via Remote Connect
  • Push-button, schedulable automated maintenance

Patented regenerative dryer reduces maintenance downtime and consumables costs by eliminating the need for dryer material replacements




Morpho SourceID

Morpho Detection’s SourceID is a radiation detection and identification handheld device that represents the next generation of handheld radiation isotope identification devices (RIID).  The device utilises CZT detectors to provide classification, identification and direction from which radiation originates in real time.  


Fast Facts

Model Name: SourceID

Key Product Specifications:

  • Next generation handheld RIID
  • Lightweight, field-ready, ruggedized ultra-portable design
  • First commercially available RIID with real-time, 3D directional identification
  • Improved energy resolution (1.5% FWHM @ 662 keV) for increased accuracy and decreased false alarms




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