Texascom IoT Management

Adaptable, Flexible and Scalable

Output Accounting Service

As a cloud-based subscription service, a subscriber can have up-time status of network devices like copiers from customer sites and receive the report regularly through output accounting service. CATCHTECH provides a simple installation process which is plug and play. We help you optimize the rental business by IoT technology and cloud computing.

Cloud Network Management Solution

Nebula is a Cloud Network Management Solution that brings the benefits of the cloud to your network. The Nebula Control Center gives centralized, easy to use, control over all Nebula wired and wireless networking devices from a single pane of glass, from any device. Nebula simplifies your business infrastructure and offers simple, intuitive and scalable management for networks of all sizes.

Cloud POS System

aKite endeavors in uplifting the retail stores to cloud business with its in-store cloud-based POS solutions. aKiteR adopts the most advancing cloud computing technologies and leverages Windows Azure for back-end services. Thus the client can enjoy non-stop POS operation at the highest SLA (Service Level Agreement) level.

Media Capture System

AREC Inc. is a manufacturer specializes in sensor networking technology and products. Its professional media capture system include network cameras, a lecture auto-tracking system, a smart media station, a lecture publishing platform, a media station management platform as well as a smart media center. It has built series of successful stories in healthcare, corporation, and education.

Retail People Counting System

RetailCam/FootfallCam, engineered and manufactured in the U.K., is dedicated to deliver an advanced people counting solution for retail chains at an affordable price. It is a total off-the-shelf product, being easy to install, operate, and low- maintenance but with definitive results to provide good insights for retailers.

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