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Digital Signage system

AboCom entered the development and marketing of Android mini PC in 2014. In 2015, AboCom develop Digital Signage Media Player, and in 2016, “midiki” Digital Signage and solutions was launched. Through AboCom’s long-time experiences in networking product development, anchored on cost-effective Android hardware platform and cloud software design, its digital signage and solutions is looking to break into the untapped market of digital signage, with unconventional signage network set-up plan.

Mobile Push Marketing Gateway

RansNet builds products that provide the visibility of business’ infrastructure and enhance the connectivity of business’ network. The products monitor the link status, network traffic, resources utilization and more, so that business can take preemptive measures and respond faster to costly and disruptive faults from daily operation.

Digital Signage with Cloud CMS

BenQ Corporation manufactures digital products. The Company produces and sells projectors, liquid crystal display monitors, personal computers, notebooks, netbooks, digital cameras, and more. BenQ markets its products throughout the world.

Intelligent Beacon Based CMS

GCR Intelligent Beacon Based CMS solution offers the possibility to communicate with customers through their smartphone in a new smart way. ShopJoy, backed with iBeacon, makes it possible to pinpoint the exact position of a customer ranging from meters down to centimeters, independent of physical distractions. The precision of the product gives an organization endless possibilities of communication.

BI for In-store Analytics

As a cloud-based monthly subscription service, SkyREC transforms multiple in-store video data into valued analytics reports regarding retailer's most concerned issues: storefront/in-store shopper traffic, in-store hot spot, popular goods, sales/traffic conversion, shopper visit duration/frequency, staff shifting optimization, promotion performance, and store operation related prediction, etc. SkyREC makes smart retail. We help retailers increase more sales revenue by daily science analytics.

Digital Signage Content Management System

Advantech, a well-known manufacturer of server-grade industrial computers, offers easy-to-use, turnkey signage solutions that have empowered thousands of storefronts to draw customers’ attention, deliver effective messages, and boost sales revenues in the retail and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) markets.

Restaurant Table Service System

Even the best restaurants experience moments when customers are looking for service while waiters are seeking to serve, but unfortunately their eyes fail to meet, and smiles turn into frowns. Noodoe injects a touch of magic into everyday routines of restaurant. It makes waiting for service disappear and helps transform first-time visitors into the most royal regulars.

Digital Signage System

Qniq delivers years of industry experience through its reliable, affordable, and intuitive lines of smart devices for the worldwide commercial digital signage markets. Its digital signage systems design and provide a solid-state, full HD media platform and minimalistic, user-centric and reliable software for enterprise and small business users.

Retail People Counting System

RetailCam/FootfallCam, engineered and manufactured in the U.K., is dedicated to deliver an advanced people counting solution for retail chains at an affordable price. It is a total off-the-shelf product, being easy to install, operate, and low- maintenance but with definitive results to provide good insights for retailers.

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