Texascom IoT Smart Office

Adaptable, Flexible and Scalable

Portable IWB System

GCR Interactive Whiteboard System (EyeRIS) is an extremely powerful Interactive Whiteboard solution based on Cybernetyx’s pioneering Visual Touch technology. High-speed optical tracking makes it possible to provide a real time writing experience to the user, and making it enjoyable to operate a digital whiteboard.

IP Video Surveillance Camera

Hi Sharp is a video surveillance specialist with product lines covering from analog products, IP products, monitors, to car safety systems. Complying with the highest standards in the industry and possessing the highest CP (Capability/Price) value in the market, Hi Sharp’s IP cameras are widely adopted in public and private sectors.

Mobile Tablet PC Charger

CHENXERGO INC. has been developing the education market in many countries for more than three decades. With in-depth knowledge of the requirements of school teachers in the field, it launches charge cabinet products for 10 tablets. Elegant in look and practical in use, the charge cabinet DT310PS is the winner of Computex d&i Award in 2013.

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