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Our Team

Through our team of experienced private investigators, we have the expertise to provide private investigation and professional surveillance, including static, mobile and electronic surveillance, services. In collaboration with our licensed partners (as and when required), we assist our customers with various types of investigations to various ends.

Texascom employs a team of experienced Private Investigators who have honed their skills  through years of investigating into all various kinds of cases. With their experience, and leveraging on the latest information and forensics technology, we are confident of handling most investigation cases.

We also have the expertise to conduct professional surveillance, which includes static surveillance, mobile surveillance and electronic surveillance.

Investigations and surveillance are closely linked, and often used to establish crucial information or evidence to support court proceedings, private settlements, matrimonial cases, negotiations, dispute cases, compensation or enforcement action.

Corporate Investigation and Business Intelligence

Corporate investigation and business intelligence can uncover information on assets, financial standing of a company or private individual, the ownership of a company and other critical information that are relevant for business decisions on joint ventures or partnership. Business intelligence gathered will be analysed and organised to achieve the organisation’s mission or goals as well as to obtain leverage to compete with competitors within the same trade.

Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual Property Rights include copyrights, trademarks, patents, industrial design rights and trade secrets. Investigations in this area can uncover evidence to support legal action, redress or compensation when an organisation, company or a private individual suspects that it’s associate, competitors, vendors or distributors have infringed it rights.

Pre-Employment Checks

This includes verification of a potential employee’s history, bankruptcy search, assets checks, marital status check and lifestyle checks, amongst others. The degree of detail of checks will be based on the client’s requirement. We are also able to conduct interviews with potential employees to gather information which we will verify and thereafter put up a comprehensive report on the credibility of the person.

Employee Fraud

Investigations can be conducted when a company or organisation suspects an employee is illegally taking away company’s assets including key documents or any other information. Investigations will be conducted through discreet physical and electronic surveillance to obtain concrete evidence that will assist our client to take action against the employee. It is important to recognise the potential threats and damages that a discontented employee can do. Therefore an organisation or employer must set up systems and processes to detect improper activities and take internal fraud very seriously.

Undercover or Infiltration Operations

Undercover or infiltration work involves the deployment of an investigator to work within the company system as an employee or with a specific target individual to obtain information and evidence in support of the client’s case. Sophisticated equipment will be deployed to facilitate the extraction of information. 

Mystery Shopper Investigation

This involves a compilation of data through unbiased evaluation of customer service standards by deployment of investigators to pose as genuine customers who will visit the targeted premise. This will provide our clients with a true snapshot of the standards of the service that their company is providing, as well as assist our clients to identify and deal with unproductive and unprofessional employees.

Matrimonial and Pre-Marital Investigation

Matrimonial investigation includes infidelity investigation and pre-marital checks. Investigators will conduct surveillance and gather facts that can either dispute or enforce client’s suspicion. In pre-marital investigation, the focus is in discovering the true nature and character of a spouse-to-be before the marriage vows are taken. Some of the information that the investigator will focus on are past marriages, any existing children, history of mental or physical illnesses and employment status or history.

Monitoring Teenage Children’s Activities

Globalisation has dramatically changed the values of today’s teenagers and young adults. Busy working parents often have no time to guide their children. As a result, many teenagers and young adults get involved with undesirable persons and activities including drug abuse, gambling and other criminal activities. We provide packages to assist parents in monitoring the children through physical and technological means. The investigation will cover background checks of their friends and their typical daily activities.

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