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Established in March 2017 as a subsidiary of Secura Group Limited, Secura Training Academy is a Public Approved Training Organisation appointed by SkillsFuture Singapore with the aim to equip our workshop and course participants with essential practical skill sets for their roles in today’s workplace.

Taking a holistic approach towards learning and development, we design and deliver courses with practical applications to bridge the gaps in skill sets through hands-on training. Our innovative blended learning platform also empowers participants to embrace technology and creativity in the workplace.

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Our Trainers

Security-Related Courses

Our trainers have extensive experience and knowledge of the subject matter and are both qualified with the Advanced Certificate in training and Assessment (ACTA). One of them possesses an extensive knowledge of security in Singapore and the Asian region, having worked for the British High Commission in Singapore as part of a network to oversee security at the British embassies and high commissions in the Southeast Asian region. He has attended advanced security training on use of weapons, CBRN, IEDs, CCTV, telecommunications, alarm Systems, as well as safety and emergency responses. He has been facilitating training at Soverus Pte Limited since 2014.

Our other trainer was formerly from the Singapore Police Division’s Investigations Branch. He holds a Bachelors of Justice (International Policing) awarded by Queensland University of Technology (Australia), and has extensive background in deployments for various state events, as well as a good understanding of the law. His lectures are very dynamic and motivational to help all learners understand the subject matter by including a variety of real-life scenarios. Having an approachable personality, he  is known for his effective presentation skills and caring attention towards his learners.

Cybersecurity-Related Courses

Our independent security consultant is highly experienced, hands-on and competent in Computer Security, Forensics, and Cyber Security, as well as Info Communication Technology in Web Development, Robotics, IoT. He has been involved in many large-scale projects including enterprise solution, mobile and wireless security, covering both technical and non-technical aspects. Besides having international experience implementing live projects and solutions in 5 different continents (Asia, Europe, US, Middle East, Africa), he also conducted training successfully in these countries.

His lectures are very dynamic and include a variety of real-world scenarios and hands-on practices. He is known for his effective presentation skills and caring attention towards learners, having presented to audiences across the world on a variety of topics.

Service Excellence Courses

An energetic and passionate facilitator, our trainer possesses more than 12 years of practical knowledge in the customer service industry, as well as experience in training, facilitation and public speaking, both in the public and private sector.

Prior to conducting training professionally for corporate and public organisations, she was a lead stewardess with the national carrier, where she honed her service excellence skills in-flight for more than a decade and was awarded the top performer for consecutive years.

Having mastered her service-related skill sets while achieve top-notch grooming and etiquette standards, she subsequently left for Shanghai where she facilitated and coached in service excellence, interpersonal relationship skills, team building, and cultural integration programmes for local Chinese and international audiences.

Having flown all over the world, she has had the opportunity to see and experience many service personnel in action, and how interactions by service staff influence the public’s view of an entire organisation. Adept at communication and people skills, she is able to integrate service excellence with service operations to enhance a positive professional image.

Our trainer holds an honours degree qualification with the University of Bradford, UK. At the professional level, she has an Advanced Certificate in Training & Assessment (ACTA) awarded by the Workforce Development Agency (WDA). She is also a member of the ITAA International Transactional Analysis Association, and a trainer registered  with the Ministry of Education .

Recognise Terrorist Threats (RTT)
Provide “Go-the-Extra Mile” Service
Cyber Security
Understanding How Attacks Through Social Engineering Work
Managing Disorderly Conduct and Threatening Behaviour (MDCTB)
Get Job-Ready
Operate Basic Security Equipment (OBSE)
Crisis Communication Course

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